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is using passwordless wifi dangerous?

If I'm using public free wifi (in a supermarket) on my phone (android), is it dangerous in any way ? If I don't login anywhere, and those apps where I'm already logged in are using https (google, ...
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My Router/AP rebooted and now Windows computers can't connect to the 5GHz SSID

@JW0914 wrote in a comment above: This is usually due to the router's wireless implementation/settings, or WiFi adapter settings in Windows. Router WiFi Radio Set to an actual channel for 5Ghz, not ...
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Windows 10 Wi-Fi hotspot on/off

You can enable / disable the Windows 10 Hotspot with NETSH. Windows 10 Hotspot Open a command prompt as Administrator. Type the following command to turn on the mobile hotspot. netsh wlan set ...
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is using passwordless wifi dangerous?

The checkbox on the supermarket landing page is usually for agreeing to obey the law and promising to be good. It has no real meaning, except to protect the supermarket from lawsuits. HTTPS ...
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My wifi won't let me access my own domain (hard reset works for a bit)

Thanks for the responses. I wasn't able to understand your answers/troubleshooting, maybe it would have helped me solve it faster but... I don't know what the opposite of a super user is (a super ...
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