Who expects radios of any sort to work without antennas attached? A better question might be why Wi-Fi worked at all in that state. Wi-Fi uses a lot more transmit power, so it's better able to make up for the extreme attenuation that comes from not having any antenna connected. Not only does Bluetooth use a lot less power, but modern Bluetooth audio uses all ...


From the T440S Hardware Maintenance Manual. T440S HMM The steps below give you the color codes for the wires I think from your description that you should be OK ========= 1040 Wireless LAN card (correction to this post) When installing: Plug the gray cable into the connector labeled MAIN or 1 on the card Plug the black cable into the connector labeled AUX or ...


As of build 19042.1052, this is working again with no changes from my end. I am unsure as to the actual cause, but since I can no longer reproduce it, further troubleshooting seems moot.

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