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YouTube search aligned to right side instead to left it happens only in Google chrome browse, Help me to fix it?

Apparently the issue is around how your "computer" is rendering the web page more specificaly the element style (CSS) of the Youtube's search results "component". NOTE: Youtube ...
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YouTube will not consistently use my Bluetooth speakers?

Go to your device's Sound and Vibration settings then go to "Separate app sound", you will find feature is enabled for Youtube, disable this option.
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Line endings from Youtube text

I have managed to duplicate your problem, and I have a solution. On the Home pane, click the down-arrow for "Paste" and select "Paste Special...". Select the format of "...
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How does one use yt-dlp to download *only* the comments to a YouTube video, without the actual video?

I'm using --get-description. It downloads the description of the Video, not the user comments. It is an option from YouTube-dl and it is still working in yt-dlp.
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