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How to make 7-Zip faster

You don't need the beta version anymore. Just make a 7z or bz2 file for multithreading. Bz2 is faster. You can make a zip file with bz2 compression with the -m0 option (not -m like in the docs).
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How to unzip multiple zip files into a single directory structure (e.g. Google Drive folder export)

@lcharbon your problem is with the way zip handles non-standard encoding. You can solve it by using p7zip, that handles that better. Here's the analog command using p7zip: 7z x '*.zip' -ocombined You ...
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Extract compressed file - Autohotkey

This implementation is used to extract .rar and .zip files and allows you to enter the password if the file contains it: ~^q:: ;CTRL + Q = descomprimir ;inicio 7z := "C:\Archivos de programa\7-...
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How do I reassemble a zip file that has been emailed in multiple parts?

The problem you're describing seems rather unique, and could maybe be a problem about how the files where packed / the zips themselves. In my case (2023), everything worked like a charm - although I ...
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absolute fastest way to zip (not compress) larger files in 7zip?

Using the 7-Zip File Manager GUI, in the Add File dialog, select 0 - Store as compression level - zips as fast as your storage can go, without compression. On the command line, use the -mx0 option, e....
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How to prevent Windows from throwing an error everytime it tries to copy a file named with illegal characters?

.Net prvides several classes within the System.IO.Compression namespace. They provide varous methods that give you a higher level of control over creation, modification, and extraction. To convert any ...
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Extract compressed file - Autohotkey

What would be the need for that? Most archive tools, such as 7-Zip, can be installed to automatically handle all specified file extensions: In Windows Explorer, select an archive and press Enter or ...
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