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OhMyZsh causes cd to push to dirs stack. How can I revert it to original state?

zsh offers an option called AUTO_PUSHD which is described in man zshoptions as follows: Make cd push the old directory onto the directory stack. Probably oh-my-zsh enables this option. So it should ...
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Can't use terminal, I keep getting "zsh: command not found: npm" even after an OS re-install

First of all, install homebrew on you mac using the following command: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" Now, you can use ...
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Iterating over keys (or k/v pairs) in zsh associative array?

In addition to the following accepted answer, for key val in "${(@kv)assoc_array}"; do echo "$key -> $val" done if you also want to sort the result by key in ascending ...
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