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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

created 2 days ago
created Dec 12 at 13:47
created Dec 12 at 13:47
created Dec 6 at 12:44
created Dec 5 at 19:27
created Dec 5 at 16:22
created Dec 4 at 22:40
created Nov 30 at 14:41
a package manager for the z/OS operating system. For questions that pertain to RECEIVE, APPLY, ACCEPT, and REJECT processing for this package manager this is the appropriate tag.
created Nov 28 at 2:07
× 3
created Nov 27 at 11:31
× 2
created Nov 26 at 6:48
created Nov 25 at 13:55
created Nov 23 at 1:28
× 2
created Nov 21 at 4:01
For questions about iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd), which provides Wi-Fi connectivity for Linux-based devices.
created Nov 19 at 7:51
× 4
For questions concerning a software user interface, designed for mobile devices, running on a full-sized device (e.g., mobile-layout interface on a desktop browser). For questions about mobile web si…
created Nov 19 at 3:37
× 10
For questions about dealing with web pages or URLs designed for mobile devices on a full-sized device.
created Nov 18 at 16:23
the name of a collection of Powershell modules used to manage VMWare environments.
created Nov 16 at 6:18
× 3
created Nov 14 at 15:18
a collection of scripts to enable network-based blocking of advertisements.
created Nov 13 at 9:55
created Nov 11 at 16:42
× 2
created Nov 7 at 22:08
a mechanism to limit the lifetime of data and signal the need to refresh or discard that data. In computer networking it is used to prevent loops. For questions about ping use [p…
created Nov 3 at 12:01