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After 10 years of graphic design I spent most of my time working without any photography assets at all thus developing strong skillsets in web design, typography, vector illustration, presentations and corporate branding. All things graphic design were within scope with my Jack of all trades approach to creative art & design (Otaku).

In 2014 as a seasoned graphic designer and brand manager I decided during a look book shoot session that maybe it would be easier to direct the shoot if I had the camera himself instead of pointing at what he wanted the photographer to shoot. Being able to visually communicate became so much easier using the photography of life than yet another type treatment.

I recently became victim of hacker attack and rootkit was put on my computers that makes them useless. Everybody thinks it's a joke. It's not funny at all. I'd like to get back to what I do and I've learned a lot about the mac os by working in the Terminal and getting tips from Stack Exchange.

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