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I have a bachelor in Software Engineering from Shiraz University, located in Shiraz, south Iran.

I have strong background in software and computer systems security, in addition to data mining and machine learning. I have also some publications in ACM and IEEE and other partially-official conferences.

I am also holding (as a member of a wolf gang ;)) the best paper award of KAspersky asia/pacific 2011!

Currently, I'm working for a mid sized internet company in Tehran as a Python and Java developer with a little set of security and administration duties.

My fields of interests include (sorted by interestingness):

  1. Computer Malware and Anti-Virus techniques.
  2. Data Mining/Machine Learning and their applications in security systems.
  3. Like 2, but in Software defect prediction and log analysis.
  4. Computer Games! and Game Theory as well...

Wish those above, help the community here. :-)

  • Tehran, Iran
  • Member for 7 years, 1 month
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  • Last seen Sep 10 '18 at 22:13