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Santosh Prasad Sah
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I am passionate and dedicated GO/Golang & database programmer, system architect and devOps. I have strong technical and functional skillset for architecting, developing & deploying small to large enterprises distributed applications using cutting-edge technologies.

In past few years, i have heavily used Golang to develop API first, micro-Services based applications using GORM as ORM. I am used to write concurrent code using go-routines and channels. Though Golang does not support OOP inherently, I am able architect OOP paradigm using Interface and Struct.

I have deep knowledge and experience of using varieties of relational and no-sql databases. In recent projects, i have used MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, CockroachDB, MongoDB according to project requirements. One of my strongest skill is to write efficient, transaction based stored procedures using MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgresSQL to solve complex business logics of applications.

Technology stack i am currently working on are: Micro-services and decentralized/distributed applications using GO/Golang, GORM,, protobuf, gRPC, gRPC-Web, Kebernetes, Docker, Flannel, Ansible, CockroachDB, Redis-Sentinel, Kafka, Prometheus/Grafana, Vue/NuxtJS and AWS.

I have previous experience of dotnet stack(asp,, code,,, VBA, Web-Services, Sales-force, MS SQL Server, Stored Procedures, DotNetNuke(DNN), angularjs, angular, reactjs, vuejs/nuxtjs etc

I have experience of applications for different market sectors e.g. Banking, Finance, Health Care, E-Commerce etc and different categories of software e.g. ERP, Multi-Tenancy Applications, Custom Enterprises Software Platforms, E-Commerce, Intranet Based Softwares, Payment System, Websites, Reporting Tools, APIs for Mobile Apps etc.

My keen interest is to provide high quality product on time to my clients. I believe communication is key factor in completing any project successfully. So i always available for communications via slack, phone, telegram, whatsApp, email.

I am available for fully remote work, agree to available/overlap client's timezone and can meet client's business hours requirements easily.

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