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I specialize in many coding languages, such as:

Python, C#, C++, C, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, CSS, Swift, Ada, ActionScript, CoffeeScript, Kotlin, PowerShell, Ruby, Shell, Objective-C, F#, Lua, Perl, VBScript, VBA, R, GML, XML, and much more!

I frequently use GameMaker. (8.1 is my favorite, but Studio is good too, I guess..)

I love to develop Web Applications & Websites, and I absolutely love using MakeCode Arcade!

I code Windows Forms Applications regularly, sometimes WPF, and a whole lot of Console Applications.

I've even programmed in ancient languages, such as FORTRAN, BASIC and COBAL.

I live in Castelia City, Unova, just past the Pokémon Center, near the Ice-Cream Truck, right next to the GAMEFREAK Building / Tower.

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