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Nader Alexan
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Backend Engineer focusing on people management.

I enjoy fast paced environment, varying responsibilities, and software engineering, which has been manifested in my career choice where over 9 years, I went from intern to apprentice to engineer to managing an engineering team in backend development at DREIDEV, then took on the next step of leading a larger team of developers at 3YOURMIND GmbH (20+ developers). Beyond 3YOURMIND GmbH, I moved to a more technical position as Engineering Lead of Mocentiv GmbH to help build a product and development team from the ground up using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Gitlab CI/CD, Django, React, and Docker.

Academically, I have achieved a Master's of Science degree in Software Engineering, taught Software Engineering at the undergraduate level, and researched the topic of static software analysis with two published IEEE conference papers (one of which received "Best Paper Award") and co-authored two conference papers.

Next, would either be an Ausbildung in Psychology or a Ph.D. in Software Engineering.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy hiking, amateur rock climbing, fitness, and traveling.

Free high quality education and providing humane lives for the homeless are causes that quite interests me. If they interest you as well, and you plan on taking constructive actions towards them, get in touch with me.

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