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Edwin Earl Ross
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I am a retired software engineer, with time to play. I am writing a language that has many differences from other languages. For that reason it is hard to characterize.

Abstract: The Ameba is a practical (as opposed to theoretical) machine with an extensible metalanguage. Code that does lexical scanning and syntax analysis is distributed among symbols (as in Turing alphabet/symbols) of the language, including symbols added at runtime; it does not have a monolithic parser. The main reason for building Ameba is to investigate the range of extensibility afforded by machine with a simple calculator-like syntax, with parsing distributed across its symbols and the ability to add symbols to the language.

Married for 25 years. 2 children and 4 grandchildren

Many other casual interests, characterized by the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and Smithsonian Channel.

My reading/writing skills are abated by dyslexia and not learning to speak until age 3. Late language is characteristic of autistics. However, no one diagnosed me in my childhood, probably because medicine wasn't all that savvy on dyslexia and autism in my early years. Thus, I read and write slowly and don't grok social nuances well.

On the other hand, computers have always been easy.

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Feb 26, 2012