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Senior Software Architect at TimeWarp Enterprises

Relationships: I have found over the years that although I love technology, relationships are what give life value. Being shown appreciation for the value you bring and being able to build genuine life long relationship are the greatest rewards one can obtain from a career.

Passionate pursuit of excellence: I am not the best software engineer, I am not the best mentor, nor the best father nor the best mate. But as long as I am alive I see no reason to strive for anything other than being the best at all of these and along the way sacrificing none of my principles or character.

Open and honest: True communication is the ultimate human challenge. I know that without a sincere concern for people, transmission may occur but communication will not. It is only when people have respect for each other, a firm grasp on the principles, and desire to convey a message that true communication can occur. Even then it is a challenge and those successful should cherish the accomplishment.

Life growth is about learning and sharing:. The things I enjoy most in life are, learning from people I respect and admire, and sharing that knowledge with those I respect and admire and to be able to give and receive the acknowledgement of both learning and sharing.

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