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I do programming for work (about 33%) as well as for hobby including IoT. I prefer to do everything from the lowest level possible if I can which means I crave C/C++ and am dabbling in assembler; I do have a lot of Java experience as well as some older work that I've done with Flash using Flex/ActionScript. I have also used Javascript to get some things done and some PHP. In the olden days I used Basic, Pascal and then Delphi. I still use VBA when needing to code the backend of Excel.

I am mostly self-taught which means I search a lot through StackOverflow, Google, and online API Reference material but then I do a lot of trial-and-error / head-pounding too. I'm mostly a Windows guy but I have dual-booted all my machines with various Linux distros -- haven't gotten a low-level understanding of Linux quite yet. I am soon to be developing for Mac out of necessity... who knows, maybe I'll like it.

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