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A passionate and curious explorer of computers and technology, have been exposed to computers at a very young age. Haven't stopped tinkering with them since then. Self taught many programming languages, and created many hobby and academic projects with full dedication.

I see programming languages, database systems, hardware, and other facets of computer science as instruments to create a painting on the digital canvas, and make a difference in people's lives.

Projects: A social network for students to fill each others' slam books. Launched it among my classmates and friends. Live and running on the URL mentioned. Created using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and some PHP libraries.

SafePass (B.E. Project) Allows web developers to incorporate two innovative forms of passwords - picture password and map password, to existing sites, using just a few lines of code. API driven, uses OAuth protocol (similar to that used by third party authentication by Facebook and Google) for connecting with client websites. Fully live and working on link mentioned. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JS, Canvas, OAuth, Google Maps.

HomeControl (Diploma project) A very cost effective system for remote control of home appliances through a website (link provided). It performs following tasks: 1. Switch home appliances using a website (designed and implemented hardware circuitry for same) 2. Home surveillance - a web camera present at the user's home tracks changes in movements and sends a photo to the user's email, if activity is detected. 3. Remote file transfer - get the user's PC at home to email a local file to the user.

SortIt! v1.0 and v2.0 A file sorting utility that sorts user's files according to file type and other tags as specified by user and places them in predefined places automatically. Conceived and built two versions of the same, both got mentioned in Digit Magazine and appeared on their DVD. Technologies:

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