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I'm a software dev working at Felt writing Elixir and React.

I was previously a software team lead at Generac Grid Services writing an Elixir + Elm + GraphQL + Postgres SaaS for doing real-time command-and-control of IoT devices.

I spent about a decade working on the X-Plane flight simulator. Among other projects, I was responsible for the complete user interface rewrite for X-Plane 11, and for the massive multiplayer implementation (both client- and server-side).

I worked primarily in C++ (for the simulator itself) and Elixir (for the massive multiplayer server), but a lot of the supporting infrastructure I work on is written in some mix of Python (for tooling), PHP (for our WordPress web sites), and Node.js (for our in-house Scenery Gateway web app).

On my own time, I've worked on the Unbound photo browser for Mac. This started as a "rescue" project—when I took over development, the app had a 1.6 star average on the Mac App Store. I've spent about a year fixing bugs, shipping new features, overhauling the marketing, and transitioning the Objective C codebase to Swift (and SwiftUI where appropriate).

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