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Faraz Ahmad
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As a highly skilled software architect with years of experience in the industry, I am passionate about designing and implementing innovative software solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of clients. My expertise in analyzing and interpreting complex business requirements enables me to create robust software architectures that are scalable, secure, and maintainable. I have a deep understanding of a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and tools, including Java, Rust, Node.js, Angular, and React, among others. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions that have enhanced the performance and efficiency of various organizations. With excellent communication and leadership skills, I am adept at managing and mentoring teams of developers, architects, and stakeholders to achieve project objectives on time and within budget. Currently, I am working as a Blockchain Architect and Delivery Manager to develop a Layer-1 blockchain named ELYSIUM and its ecosystem using Rust, Substrate, and NodeJS which can support the Ethereum ecosystem natively. We have developed the chain, explorers, wallets, marketplace, and NFT Studio using AI. I also worked as a deployment engineer to deploy applications on different platforms including AWS, GoogleCloud, and many VPS. My major skills are:

  • Java / NodeJS / GO
  • Relational Databases (Mysql, Oracle, Postgres)
  • Microservices
  • Blockchain Development
  • DevOps (containerization and Linux server management)
  • Rust
  • Substrate
  • Team Management
  • Delivery Manager
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