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Philip Schlump

Summary: CTO and founder of a successful start up company. The company has been sold and I now live on a sailboat with my beautiful wife and twins.


After I graduated from Laramie High School, I worked in the oil fields in Wyoming. Then I went to University of Wyoming and after a long time I got a Masters in Computer Science. More importantly I found and married my beautiful wife, Sasha.

I spent 2 years working on contract to IBM in Kingston NY. That gave me some exposure to doing contract work for a large company. After that I took 2 years off and made pottery.

The peculiar charms of being a starving artist were not in my plans, so I got a contract job for US West in Denver, Colorado. Two years later I had had enough of that. So I quit and started my own contracting company. I worked for 30+ different companies in the next 10 years around the metro Denver area. These included AMAX Mining, Newmont Mining and Information Handling Services. I made good money and survived a bout of pneumonia. We bought a house and had fun remodeling it. A little sailboat, an 18 foot Capri, came into our lives and for one summer we lived on it.

On a dark moonless night in the parking lot of a pizza place I committed to building a product based software company. I worked with a friend that had already set up the corporate structure - so he had already picked the name Senware. To him it stood for SENsible softWARE. To me it was just a name. At the same time as building the company my wife and I had twins. (Yes I built a software company and had newborn twins at the same time. Don't ever tell me about tired or lack of sleep. Been there Done that.) We built an Oracle database management product and eventually sold the company.

After working for 3 years as an employee of the new owners, I quit and moved on board a 50 foot sailboat. We are now on the east cost of the US and the Bahamas

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