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(IRC) How do I find out when a user was last seen in a channel?
Accepted answer
20 votes

On networks with NickServ, you can use INFO command. So, if you want to find out when a user 'Jerry' was last online, you can do: /msg nickserv info Jerry If they're online, you can whois them, ...

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how to hide public ip adress on irc channel
19 votes

Depending on the network you're connecting to, there are many ways to do this. Usermodes Some networks have a usermode +x, which will mask your IP address. It requires you to have a registered account,...

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How do I search for channel names in WeeChat?
11 votes

WeeChat doesn't have a channel search feature, as far as I know. But however, you can use the ALIS (Advanced LIsting Service) channel bot (on freenode): To search for channels containing python in ...

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IRC: Cannot send to channel: #ruby-lang
4 votes

Some channels mute unidentified users to prevent spam and abuse (#ruby-lang on freenode is an example). If you want to be able to talk in this channel, you need to register an account and identify to ...

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openSUSE service MySQL stop is not working
0 votes

One solution to your problem is to setup mysql as a service. In the mysql installation tarball, there should be a script called mysql-server (or something similar). Copy that to /etc/init.d and name ...

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