Alexander Sitnikov

I professionally develop software since 2011 and several years before that for academic purposes. Since then, I've been solving different kinds of tasks, for different customers. I am proud of my participation in the Moscow CCTV system construction, Coca-Cola musical contest project construction and launching our in-house product “SSVM” to production. Mainly I’ve been building enterprise web solutions, now I develop integrated distributed systems. I am also able and eager in the short term to learn new technologies and create products that benefit the company. For example, I started programming in PHP instead of C# and one of my greatest achievements was implementing a payment systems landing page, which allowed the company to increase its income. I am a full-stack developer mostly specialized in server-side development. I deeply enjoy solving unexpected technical problems that arise when coding algorithms, application and module optimization, or working on OOP problems and service design. For me, the simplicity and elegance of solutions are just as important as their efficiency. "When someone says, “This is really tricky code,” I hear them say, “This is really bad code.”

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