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What Tiling Window Manager for Windows do you recommend?
26 votes

From a wikipedia article: WindowSizer - Tiles windows (shareware) WinSplit - Tiles windows using keyboard shortcuts (freeware) HashTWM - Tiling window manager with automatic tiling (MIT/X11) ...

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How to create a filesystem mountable by windows in linux?
1 votes

I believe mkfs.msdos creates a FAT filesystem (the one with 8.3 file naming conventions). Its mkfs.vfat that creates a FAT32 filesystem which is accessible from Windows too (since I've tried this). ...

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determining the windows type based on the serial number
0 votes

The version of Windows that shipped with your laptop is an OEM version of windows. An OEM serial would not work with a version of Windows you'll get from elsewhere (which would be a Retail version).

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