Sachin Palewar

I have 15+ industry experience. I started as freelance programmer in 1999 with Visual Basic and created several desktop applications for local clients. Automating AutoCAD and Adobe Flash using their COM libs in my projects were some of the interesting things I did.

After that I started a software company with close friends, here in Nagpur, India and we developed softwares for Windows Mobile and Palm OS platforms. We migrated to developing for iOS and Android when they became the dominant mobile platforms. My company was one of the highly ranked company on outsourcing website rentacoder.com (now aquired by freelancer.com) We worked for clients from all over the globe, specially US, Australia and UK. I ran the company for 11 yrs. till Oct 2014 and after that decided to step away from my company and explore other opportunities.

Right now I am learning Swift and doing some consultancy work.

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