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Best way to gain quick access to frequently used directory in linux terminal
Accepted answer
11 votes

Create a symbolic link in your home directory: $ ln -s path/to/a/really/deeply/nested/director/my-project ~/my-project $ cd ~/my-project

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Is it safe to carry laptop around in sleep mode?
11 votes

The danger comes from jarring the laptop while the hard disk is spinning. It's highly likely that the hard disk spins down in sleep mode, as it's one of the chief power consumers.

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Windows XP - Hosts file has been tampered with
4 votes

You've got a virus, or some other intruder. My advice is to backup, disconnect from the Internet, reformat and reinstall your operating system. Consider your Wordpress password (and indeed, all of ...

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Why is unusably slow on my computer?
0 votes

I had a resolver named /etc/resolves/vm, symlinked to ~/.vagrant.d/tmp/dns/resolver/vm. This was a legacy from a failed attempt to use vagrant-dns to manage resolution of hostnames to vagrant boxes, ...

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