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How do I disable 7-Zip directory scan for directories which are not meant to be compressed and added to the archive?
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I was asking the same question at the official 7-Zip forums, and got the reply from Igor Pavlov. I would like to get the answer from Igor at the site, but he seems not to have an account here. He ...

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How can I import Opera bookmarks into Chrome?
1 votes

As far as I remember, Chrome installer has no Opera bookmarks import feature (supports only I.E. and probably Firefox). Try to use Transmute -- this tool supports all major browsers (without ...

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Mirroring a web site having pages that uses simple JavaScript
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In this particular case I've ended up with the following bash script: #!/bin/bash DOWNLOAD="wget -m -p -E -np -k" SITE="" $DOWNLOAD $SITE/ $DOWNLOAD $SITE/songs/ $...

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