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Hello fellow Dev-Interested person,

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with great interest in all parts of Web Development.
Most of my experience is in the backend of traditional websites/web applications, but for the last few years I've also been working with JS-heavy SPAs.
I might never be a designer, but if you give me the styling, I'll take care of anything functional and business logic.

Major experience in PHP from doing personal projects for 10+ years and working part-time in many projects (Developed a few "traditional" office software on the web and hundreds of more or less simple Websites)

Additional experience with using ReactJS (inlcuding Redux and Typescript) and Django (only REST-Framework, no experience with Django templates yet) as the Lead Developer in a smallish Team of 5-8 developers starting in 2018/2019.

I only got minor experience with another less popular JS Framework called ExtJS from a freelance contract where I was part-time involved in developing a backoffice system for travel operators.

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