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  • Highly dedicated, analytical, and results-oriented Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead with over 7 years of full-stack, full-lifecycle software engineering, product development and technical leadership experience in dynamic, fast-paced environments. Demonstrated ability to design and develop all aspects of complex systems from the ground up, utilizing a broad and deep array of programming languages, frameworks and tools. Specialized experience in the development of Java enterprise-grade software solutions and Spring-based microservices. Proven track record of leading diverse teams of engineering professionals and managing high-profile projects serving a substantial client base.
  • Practiced in the understanding, implementation and oversight of project requirements, client needs, and company policies to ensure expectations are met. Regarded for exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with colleagues, senior management, and end-users. Fluent in English. Fast-learner and efficient problem-solver, acknowledged for effectively optimizing business and development processes. Collaborative team leader, who consistently strives to positively contribute to performance, quality, and the achievement of objectives through the completion of interdependent tasks.
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