I love JavaScript. I've spent my entire career working with it (although I have enjoyed Python and Ruby as well). Traditionally, most of my focus was on making things flashy, functional, and tested (hurrah!) on the front end. I've made a shift after joining Walmart Labs and diving deeper into Node JS with Hapi. My current preference is React (+Redux?) & Apollo / GraphQL. I was formerly enamored with Marionette, Angular, and of course the predecessor to ES6: jQuery & CoffeeScript.

I took a contract a few years ago with Walmart Labs that turned into a full time opportunity, where I worked with Hapi JS (Node JS) every day. It was a paradigm shift from my career focus of User Interface, but I really enjoyed it (I had used everything from Ruby to Python and even PHP as server tech previously). I continue to love Hapi and use it wherever and whenever possible.

I own and operate Keen Concepts, a software consultancy that hires out dev talent from my Atlanta network. I've worked with talent from Intuit, AutoTrader, Weather.com, Walmart Labs, AAA, Hilton and more, so it's a good bet we have your technology covered, but if we don't, I have a network of referrals, too :)

I'm excited about ES20xx and the evolving language of JavaScript. I've started using Flow and I love it. It's an exciting world for Front End Devs!