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Software engineer, security evangelist, and motorcycle enthusiast and probably a little more jaded than most.

I grew up in the country, with out access to "the real internet" or a lot of technology ... but I always loved messing with it at school. My first programming language was QBASIC. The amount of hours and time I spent working to come up with interesting things like random number generators based on GOTO statements is probably equivalent to some of the times that people have spent on World of Warcraft, but it taught me that software could be almost anything I wanted to make it.

I earned a Bachelor's degree Computer Science in Engineering at the University of Cincinnati after learning that wires had mass (leave that to those Computer / Electrical Engineers) and that I liked 0's and 1's more than K-maps. At the University, I worked with everything from developing a CPU from scratch, to x86 assembler, to OpenGL on C++ for a racing game we developed.

While an undergrad, I co-oped for several companies and spent just as much time helping them with their COTS software solutions as building applications to solve internal challenges.

When you take all of that, combine it with the fact that I've had a job as a horse farmer, a car salesman, grease monkey, and a shoe cobbler, I used to have a hard time answering the question "What do you do?" ... my answer these days?

I do things with stuff.

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