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Full-stack web developer, primarily using Ruby On Rails and associated technologies.

I have worked in a variety of roles over the past ~6 years - sometimes as a "solo" developer, or in a small team; and more recently within larger technical organisations. I primarily work on Rails APIs - but have a solid exposure to development across the full web development stack.

At one time or another, I have been in charge of: VM configuration; NGINX settings (including SSL certificate management); email delivery management; AWS administration; Jenkins/continuous integration and delivery configuration; and plenty of unit testing (TDD when possible).

I've also had plenty of exposure to front-end development - such as: (to an extent) application layout/design; CSS; and Javascript/JQuery/CoffeeScript/etc. More recently, I've helped develop larger SPAs using JS Frameworks such as EmberJS; and have started to use Elm in daily workflow.

... But Ruby is what I enjoy working on most. Especially "Ruby Off Rails", where the pure language is really elegant to work with.

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