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FREE TOOLS cost you 30x in LABOR if you're lucky

I've been doing full development professionally since 2000. Started out with HTML & Javascript which lead into learning Coldfusion & SQL. Got into some system administration doing deployments and setting up tape backups. A few years later got back into doing Java (which I had done a little back in college) and started using JSP. Picked up use of Postgresql, MySql, MS Sql server as well as Oracle DB. Learned Flash and Actionscripting. Back to Coldfusion in 2009-2012 and ExtJS. Learned some ETL software and use with Java processing of large data. Jira exposure with Jenkins. Then stuck in Java land for many years with Spring and some horrible hibernate environments. Last couple years have gotten the pleasure of learning Angular. Certified in Google Cloud but never got to do anything with that. Hard to chase new tech when projects have you stuck in old tech.

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