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During the last 10 years I worked as a Software Engineer and CTO in software development companies, main areas of interest are Computer Vision, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Image Processing, but now I got enough courage and some money to start my aviation career.

I just finished my CPL in the US. I also hold an EASA PPL with IR. Recently I passed EASA ATPL theoretical exams. My final goal is an aviation job.

When I started in the age of 30, I had totally understood that there is no any guarantee in this area, and everything should be done on my own risk. Nevertheless, I decided to start my new career from scratch, and I keep going.

Main question that I hear almost all the time: why? Just because I love sky, I enjoy driving any vehicle, I am always trying to improve my skills and get more knowledge, and I work hard for this, and, finally, I suppose that everybody should enjoy his life and work.

Aviation is my all-life dream, but only now I have at least some possibility. Or just enough brave and passion, enough experience to understand that nothing happens without hard work, and our possibilities mainly exist only inside us.

I am highly skilled software engineer, I am rather good CTO and manager, in general I can say that I am successful. I enjoyed my current work, but now I feel that I am ready to start this adventure and start everything from scratch. I am open to a new horizon!

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