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Who am I?

The first thing you should know about me is that I hate school. I hate school so much, I skip classes over and over. Never motivated, I don't don anything with my life. Except two things: programming and gaming.

I game all the time. A big fan of Minecraft, I started my programming "career" by modding this game, trough simple APIs and tutorial. Since then, I've been learning LUA, CSS, HTML and Java. I spent most of my "programming time" learning Java. For now, I'm working on a big project for school where I make a video game. You can find my source code here. I code this game with LWJGL and libGDX, based on TilEd maps. I also use snippets of code from this guy to make menus and text boxes.

Thanks for your interest in me, and have fun coding! :D - Stuntmania

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