I love solving problems and getting stuff done. That's why I like creating machinery and programming. Apart from reading (a lot, about everything and anything) I like drawing and 3d stuff, from rendering a pic for an artist to hang in Milan to game characters and environments to jewelery I get printed at Shapeways.com.

My programming experience is based on a few disparate areas: scientific programming (matlab/maple/etc) from when I studied; low level stuff, including PIC/PLC programming, microcode for FPGA's etc; the work I did in C# on Windows Mobile 6.x and now android programming. I really enjoy programming systems/mechanics ... which is why I create apps and games for Android for fun (and sometimes profit :) ).

I now also program for iOS, which has given me an appreciation for how that system is set up ... and a hatred of objective-C''s syntax and inconsistencies.

Also, Google Glass is nice to play with.

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