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A Graduate student at Santa Clara University, California pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. I love automating mundane tasks by creating triggers and rules. I'm a firm believer of inducing art and aesthetics in product, to make it win.

Working in software development for the past three years has been an amazing journey for me. Bringing features to life by considering users’ needs and usability is my passion. In my past position at Gyrix TechnoLabs and even today at RefleXion Medical Inc., I regularly work cross-functionally with Product Managers to build out their requested features. I've always make sure to work with the teams, for the software to be baked correctly, by going through thorough design, test and development cycle to meet the needs, also contributing in a good insightful understanding of time and quality persistence.

Tech stack: Python, Javascript(NodeJs, AngularJs, ReactJs) Android(Java and Kotlin) and iOS(swift)

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