I'm an Engineer passionate about technology, staying in constant update.

Currently working on Microfrontends Architectures with ReactJS.

Specialties / Main Skills:

  • Microfrontend Architecture
  • HTML5, CSS3, CSS Pre-processors (Sass, Less)
  • Javascript using technologies such as ReactJS, Redux, Angular, VanillaJS and NodeJS
  • Selenium Automation Testing Framework with Javascript - Nightwatch.js
  • Task automatisation with Webpack
  • Git as control version
  • Continuous integration pipelines through Buildkite
  • DevOps with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Responsive web design/development, mobile first and web performance
  • Agile methodologies, Advanced architectural patterns, Microservice architecture, Scrum, Kanban, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
  • Madrid, España
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