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I'm a veteran Photographer,TV and Film Producer, always having my hands IN the hardware. From the 1st Matrox Quad Display Card, to my son's totally modded PC, then later Mac...For ever after. I am a Creative at Heart and Soul,as well as Fierce Animal/Human Rights Activist. Using NET proceeds from my Commercially Booked Campaigns I fund Animal Rescue + Open Source. I have always been drawn to the theory of Open Source, and its core Mentality. Its how I live my life, as such I am probably one of the few Photog's in the Top 2500, you'll "never hear about", and really I'd rather dig in, Teach, Mod, Learn, and Shoot than anything else. I will say I know my credentials w/ code are a weak point, but I am always finding Unique hiccups, and or work arounds, and just feel I may add a puzzle piece, allowing another to solve a problem. I take no offense to criticism, so please don't hesitate to inbox me. regards, and Peace, MJH Lifegiant (c)2015 CC4.0NCND Intl.

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