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I am a full-stack senior PHP developer, fluent in modern, cutting-edge development techniques:

  • Object-Oriented, Test-Driven development (phpUnit testing in phpStorm IDE)
  • Laravel & Doctrine frameworks/libraries
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Git version control & deployment
  • Composer/Packagist PHP library development
  • PHP-DI Dependency Injection
  • Wordpress & Woocommerce development
  • Custom Doctrine Annotations development

I enjoy building robust, scalable solutions using cutting edge technologies that bring immediate value to the business.

Prior to this I developed business apps using .NET MVC. Some highlights from those days:

  • AngularJS, MVC, Razor
  • Kendo UI Web
  • .NET Web API REST services
  • N-tier ASP.NET C# application developer
  • Entity Framework

Prior to this I was a Web Infrastructure Operations Manager at General Electric:

  • Solaris, JBoss, Apache Tomcat
  • Java Enterprise
  • Cloud, PaaS, IaaS
  • Lots of *nix shell scripting
  • Enterprise LDAP
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