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Practical tips when transitioning to xmonad?
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6 votes

Just like Vim there is often a lot of "config fu" that you can pick up from the webpages (definitely spend a few hours or so soaking up the various config file examples at, I think it is ...

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Firefox marker-line like extension?
2 votes

Vimperator does provide local marks (towards the bottom of :tab help marks) that will save your scrolling position in the current tab. It doesn't provide a marker line, but that does sound like a ...

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Expanding a GUI tree view on Ubuntu with the keyboard
0 votes

The keys + and - work in most tree view widgets (regardless of OS) for expand and collapse, respectively.

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How can I know the command to start application in ubuntu?
1 votes

If you are looking for the program name in order to use it to launch files from the command line, you can use the command xdg-open to launch files (and URLs) using your default associations. If you ...

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