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I am a hands-on Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in developing scalable and distributed systems. I did my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering degree from IIT-BHU, one of the premier institutes in India. I have worked with the languages like Java, Python, Golang, Kotlin designing the microservices as well as event-driven applications, deploying them on AWS in a dockerized way.

I started my career working as a Technical Analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2010 where I was part of the Grad batch and learned a lot. I was promoted to the role of a Senior Technical Associate within 1 year. I joined Microsoft in 2012 and won IDC Innovation Award 2013 for the Query Explorer Portal where I clustered similar entities and got nominated in 2014 for the project Athena as well, which was integrated with Window 8.1. Then, I joined Zeotap where I designed and developed scalable, distributed and containerized microservices for running the ad-campaigns. I also setup Kafka pipelines to store aggregated data, generated via spark (AWS EMR), which users could query on Hive store. At Zalando, I helped in developing Log-based autosuggest, where we ranked the suggestions via user clicks resulting in 25% increase in Autosuggest usage.

At REE Technology, I was driving the backend team. I setup the telemetry service which collects vehicle data which is streamed to Kinesis Data Stream, and available in Athena for querying. I also enabled the data science for querying this data so that they can run the prediction models on it. We are using Elasticsearch for real time visualization and Redash for the historical setup. I also designed the Fleet microservice with booking, routing, dispatching and payments.

Currently, I am working at Audibene, where I lead the Backstage team. My day-to-day activities include individual contribution, R&D new solutions, designing and prototyping, promoting agile values in team along with external consultants, groom backlog with product managers, grow REE with hiring, mentorship and motivations. Currently, I use Jira for project management, Github for source control and CircleCI for CI/CD pipelines.

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