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John Jang
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John has wide and strong experience with many kinds of software development, with the follows personality, no matter where the projects/teams he was, always positive and successfully.

I would call him as a good DevOps

• Legacy system improvement. (including Centralize business logic, Operation/sustain agility, Quality/security improvement). • Lead to implement Shared Services.

I would call him as a Ideator

• B class self-searching proposal improvement.
• Self-driven project: Home AI Security Camera system.
• Self-driven project: Phone Apps.

I would call him as a super Team player

• Won 6 champions continuously on the contexts in TrendMicro.
• Won 1 bronze medal of global AI context.
• With positive, enthusiasm and sense of humor, he has always inspired his teammates and made them stand together.


• Backend: C# JS
.NET .NET.Core, NodeJS • Other: Container(Docker, Kubernetes, Windows/Linux container) Python PowerShell Bash Jenkins GitLabCI
Selenium, Jenkins, GRUB, Photoshop, PowerDirector • Experience: Android (Kotlin)

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