Motti Shneor


Long Long time software developer. I think over 25 years now or so? Mac developer since 1990. I did lot's of consulting, porting of Windows apps to Mac, Mac infrastructure for ported applications, and low-level high performance coding (codecs, real-time effects, audio processors, even drivers).

I still think MacOS 7 was much more beautiful than MacOS X, but times have changed (sigh) and X has its benefits (Obj-C, Cocoa and the huge success of the platform, in that order).

Besides, I'm married (1 wife), have 2 kids, 3 Cats, 4 colored fish, and 5... something.

New to iPhone/iPad development, but I find myself at home, because Cocoa is my home.

I'll rework this sometime soon. hopefully.

Image to come soon (when the site will allow).

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