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Stephen W. Wright
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Twenty years in the computer industry. I started at Lifeboat Associates on the upper east side of NYC. There I was most fortunate to be included at the birth of the micro computer industry. We ported, sold and supported Gary Kildall's operating system, CP/M (Control Program Microprocessor). We ported CP/M to dozens of early microprocessor systems (think IMSAI 8080, Altair 8800, Horizon North Star, etc). The North Star was an interesting example of unplanned obsolescence as they located their bootstrap ROM at location 48K! Next I was ten years a consultant for Systems Strategies - SDA. Placements included time at Sperry, Barclay's Bank and Chase. Eventually I craved more community and continuity and signed on with a small privately held firm named "Davidge Data Systems", located on Exchange Place, one block south of Wall street. There, a small team (four to eight) of developers) created a trading platform. It consisted of both a Window's front end client and a Unix based back end server (trademark SmartRoute). SmartRoute provided intelligent and dynamic trade routing for nearly ten percent of the order flow of the NYSE. I both contributed to and developed large portions of the Solaris based SmartRoute server. I programmed in C and in my own DSLs. During the last few years there I used C++. I am now retired, and interested in functional languages. In the order of acquaintance: Groovy, SML, Haskell and Scala. I've settled on Scala and Play 2. I've taken the two great COURSERA classes on SML and Scala. I am open to employment on small to medium projects from my very own Electronic Cottage located here in the Central Tier of New York State.

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