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Seasoned Ruby on Rails developer and Senior Engineering Manager and long time accompanist (music theatre and Catholic Church specifically).

Interested in new paradigms but also just digging into details on whatever I'm working with. 3x AWS Certified: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

I've written C, C++, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby professionally. I can make use of others' CSS but am not fluent myself.

I've written C, FORTRAN, IBM 370 and Motorola 68000 Assembly, and Z80 machine code [one hex byte at a time, iow] for school.

Current hobby is Commodore and TRS-80 BASIC and Assembly and/or machine code and figuring out anachronistic things to do with technology (such as running Commodore BASIC from AWS Lambda!)

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