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Neil Millard
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Neil Millard is a successful business entrepreneur, speaker and trainer, passionate about personal development and education. Neil is well known as a techie when it comes to cloud and automated server infrastructures. He assists businesses in embracing new technology such as the cloud to move faster, become more automated and respond to customers’ wants and needs. Having spent many years in the financial sector with clients such as Barclays, Lloyds and AXA, he is now on a mission to share his wide sphere of financial knowledge with the world. Neil has seen all sides of the personal and business financial spectrum – from bankruptcy to business ownership – working with enterprise servers for blue chip companies for more than twenty years, and managing them within virtual private clouds and public cloud environments. Recognised with Microsoft, HP and ITIL accreditations, Neil has used his knowledge and experience to tame manual deployments and upgrade methods, automate monitoring and scaling applications, and deploy on-demand Cloud Infrastructure as Code platforms. He has also spoken at IT events such as the prestigious Puppet Camp about dynamic cloud-based applications using the latest technologies, including Puppet and Docker. Neil has delivered continuous integration projects like the blue-yellow-green upgrade of HP Vertica in Amazon Web Services. Neil worked to ensure this database system used for Artificial Intelligence required minimal downtime (about fifteen minutes) to enable MoneySuperMarket to seamlessly upgrade the database version without any data loss and deliver even more value to their clients. Want to know more about devops? I've written a book. Who Moved My Servers

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