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Vanessa King
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Daughter of an incredibly brilliant and talented programmer who offered to teach me programming when I was 18. Silly me, I never thought I'd work with computers—it was 1984, who knew?!

I taught myself HTML in 1995, then CSS not long after. As a traditional print designer and typesetter, I'd been waiting for CSS and all it could do!

I was a very progressive, active web designer until 2003 when I got into an almost-fatal motorcycle accident. I survived, but my left arm didn't. I spent a few years dealing with recuperation and phantom pain. I continued to make a living but got a little rusty with my code.

I've spent the last few months trying to catch up. I love CSS3 and HTML5 and all the things that can be done when they're combined with JavaScript. I may ask a stupid question here or there, but promise to try to learn everything I can about an issue before posting it here!

I wish my dad could see me now!

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