Captain Chaos
  • Member for 3 years, 8 months
  • Last seen more than a month ago
  • Chicago, IL, United States
  • Started with BASIC
  • Dev Bootcamp (DBC) alumnus (2016)
  • Kotlin, Java, SpringBoot, Concourse, ReactJS at HCSC
  • Team Lead
  • Natural Language Processing & chatbots
  • Data Science credential from DePaul (2020)
  • Completed > 20 Udemy courses on programming
  • Former FBI (with TS Clearance)


  • (winning project for 2017 Chicago baseball Hack Day)
  • (A fun project at DBC)
  • (College recruiting site for my daughter, an elite volleyball player)
  • (my "sarcasm detector" project from DePaul, originally in R, rebuilt in Python)
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