I'm pretty scared by the fact that I like a whole lot of things, and I have to decide, because my life wouldn't be enough to know all of them.

Actually I'm working on Web applications, and I think that they will become more and more powerful in the next years (just think about WebAssembly).

I think that we will go back to decentralized networks, where computers will be only terminals, delegating work to main central units. I think that this approach is a winner, expecially in the future where the population will grow. We will need to optimize energy consumption as much as we can, and this would be possible only by delegating the computational work to those central units, that will assign to each user just the resources that he needs for the current demand.

Also, that unit will be probably linked with a certified green power source.Our terminals instead will be optimized as much as possible in terms of power consumption.

I literally pray every day for a clean future, and how I do that? I do it by doing my best into writing my code. I also try to keep me active as an Inventor, because I'd like to toss out some kind of good idea for the world, sooner or later.

How many dreams that I have... I fight every day to keep them alive, and to let others be able to dream too.

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