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Is there any 'sudo' command for Windows?
28 votes

Quick method: Three steps to add sudo. Open PowerShell. Copy the following script (Ctrl+C) and paste it in PowerShell (Alt+Space+E+P): $script_path="$HOME\Documents\Scripts"; if (!(test-path $...

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Windows 7 x64 cannot kill Skype
2 votes

Doesn't seem to be issue in my case either. c:\Windows\System32>tasklist | find "Skype" Skype.exe 8380 Console 1 133,628 K c:\Windows\System32>...

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XAMPP with SkyDrive
Accepted answer
1 votes

I found the solution. We can create a junction or symbolic link in Windows using the command: mklink /d C:\xampp\www\skydrive C:\Users\<your-username>\SkyDrive\myPHPwork Place your project(s) ...

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Is Mac faster than Windows PC to edit photos/video?
0 votes

I would suggest go for Windows. You can use image-editing apps from number of different vendors with one better over the other in various ways. For example, MS latest release for Camara Codec Pack now ...

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