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Semi retired now, alternate between N NJ and SE MA. I am a long time computer and technology enthusiast as well as a home improvement maven and tinkerer. I am married since 1989 and we have no children and two cats. I enjoy gardening, kayaking, biking and golf. I have been teaching myself guitar for most of my adult life, but have not gotten very far. I did manage to successfully switch from playing right handed to playing left handed about 10 years ago. I have an amateur interest in audio recording and have done some volunteer voice over work as well as created numerous recordings of my wife, who is an accomplished pianist and organist. I mainly use Ubuntu KXStudio for these recordings. I have also spent a good deal of time organizing our collection of 300+ CDs so that I can produce categorized playlists using a combination of Mp3tag, MS-Excel and the Windows Media Player OCX. I then copy these playlists to my Rasberry Pi so we can enjoy our music collection 24 hours a day.

I have been working with Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA in conjunction with MS-Access, MS-SQL Server and IBM DB2 since my last corporate job change, in January of 2001. I have created a number of interesting worksheet based applications including one that facilitates the deconstruction and reconstruction of Excel workbooks into their constituent components so as to facilitate their incorporation into source code control systems. Other applications were for the support of QA and inter department level UAT testing, including outsourcing projects that required tactical ETL solutions for loading client test data prior to the availability of strategic mainframe and mid range solutions. In addition, I created a good deal of reporting and business intelligence applications that would allow decision makers to access real time database results on demand and in a manner consistent with corporate security and data governance requirements. My most recent corporate position was terminated in 2014 and since then I have worked at one engagement for 14 months for Kelly Services. I am most interested in a position that would allow me to work remotely but am considering part time, full time, volunteer and other opportunities.

I am currently immersing myself in the Community version of Visual Studio with the aim of implementing some of my spreadsheet tricks into a .DLL add-on while learning some C# and the in's and out's of Git Hub.

I intend to continue to work in the IT area for at least another 10 years and hopefully beyond that. I look forward to learning interesting new technologies, engaging with new and interesting colleagues, solving tough problems and delivering results that matter.

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