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Richard Duerr
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An indie game developer, as well as a professional Software Developer.

I have recently graduated college with a degree in CS, and feel I am very well prepared for a world in need of good CS majors.

Coding can be fun and challenging, and I have worked extensively with java, c#, c++, Sql, PhP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Windows/Mac/Linux OS's, and have begun learning MVC.NET for a website I wish to create.

Video games have always been a very big part of my life, and I enjoy playing them, testing them, designing them, and learning the tricks, math, and analysis of good video games (as well as bad ones, and why they were bad).

Game theory, number theory, and logic are a fun companion to learning video game topics.

My hand son experience has been with Unity3D and C#, and has branched to almost all facets of video game creation: execution order, gui design, optimizations, shaders, 3d modeling and texturing, to audio creation and user experience.

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